Treaty Creek


Treaty Creek is located in British Columbia's prolific Golden Triangle; one of the richest areas of mineralization in the world with a mine going into production last year, a mine going into production next year and number of world-class mining projects headed toward production.   The property is adjacent to the worlds largest undeveloped gold deposit by reserves (KSM - Seabridge) and the highest-grading undeveloped large-scale deposit in the world (Brucejack - Pretivm), collectively representing one of the greatest concentrations of metal value on the planet*

"There are just 6 other regions on earth where similar large porphyry copper systems have been delineated" (Alldrick et al., 1988).

"Mineralization in the Treaty Creek claims area lies within the same broad hydrothermal system that generated the several deposits on the adjacent Seabridge Gold and on the Pretivm properties that lie immediately southwest of the Treaty Creek claims" (Savell, 2012; Kruchkowski, 2014).

"The same setting and same hydrothermal system found on Seabridge’s KSM and Pretivm’s Snowfield/Brucejack is shared by the geology underlying much of the area of the adjacent Treaty Creek claims" (Alldrick, 2014).

Located adjacent to and on trend with 130 million ounces of gold, 800 million ounces of silver and 20 billion pounds of copper (all categories)*

Hosts the same berock geology as the adjacent KSM (Seabridge) and Brcejack/Valley of Kings (Pretivm)

All three are part of the same large hydrothermal system

Hosts strong Magnetotelluric (MT) anomalies - MT anomalies on the KSM and Brucejack projects resulted in major discoveries

Hosts the Sulphurets thrust fault which is responsible for the KSM deposits

Initial exploration has shown similarities to early exploration on KSM and Brucejack/Valley of the Kings/Snofield projects

Government geological report show Treaty to be "in the right neighbourhood for B.C's next big discovery"

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