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American Creek Resources is a precious metals exploration company with an impressive portfolio of high-potential gold and silver projects in British Columbia.  These include properties in B.C.'s prolific Golden Triangle, one of the richest areas of mineralization in the world.

                                      Click image for Electrum 2015 program presentation updated Jan 21

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American Creek is proceeding with the defamation portion of the $150 million law suit against Teuton Resources announced December 14, 2012.  The details of that suit can be FOUND HERE.  The defendants listed in the Jan 4, 2015 press release were served jointly and severly meaning that each of them is responsible for thier own liablility along with the liability of the other three defendants.  The Corporation will continue to pursue the balance of its claims in further court proceedings against both the defendants named in the summary judgement application and those not named in this application (John Doe's listed in suit).  


The high-grade ELECTRUM PROPERTY recently had a program run on it.  CLICK HERE for the Electrum presentation and HERE the 2015 drill program presentation.  The highly mineralized gossans on the Electrum are shown in the image at the top of this page. 


Mineralization in the TREATY CREEK PROPERTY lies within the same broad hydrothermal system that generated the several deposits on the Seabridge Gold (TSX: SEA) and on the adjacent Pretivm (TSX: PVG) properties (Savell, 2012; Kruchkowski, 2014). Mineralization delineated on these adjacent claims blocks are world class in size, world class in extent, and will ultimately require revision of textbook descriptions for these ore deposit types.  Initial work completed on Treaty Creek is compelling.  CLICK HERE for a short presentation.  

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